Counselling has limits to

 confidentiality. Your records

 are confidential within the

 organisation. Please see


 Confidentiality can be broken if;

- subpoenaed by a court.

- mandatory reporting where neglect or abuse is suspected is a legal obligation of the counsellor.

Your approval has been given to provide written information to:

- another health professional or agency, for example, a GP or a Lawyer;


- discuss the material with another person, for example, an employer,  parent or the counsellor's own supervisor.

During your counselling you have to right to;

- be treated with dignity and respect.

- privacy.

- terminate a session and/or the counselling process at any time.

- only speak about issues that you are comfortable to discuss.

- refuse inclusion in activities in which you feel uncomfortable.

- view the counsellor's records and notes regarding your case.

- request a different counsellor.

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